Founded in 2000, the Milford Archaeological Research Institute (M.A.R.I.) is a non-profit organization formed for the study of past cultures and lifeways of the Desert Southwest. (Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) charitable organization)


*Click here to download a copy of a recent article about our project:  “Investigating the Fremont”, American Archaeology, Winter 2011-12, Kurt Repanshek.

*Click here to download a copy of a recent newspaper article about our project:  “PCC Students Dig Deep into the History of a Forgotten People”, Pasadena Independent, February 23, 2012, Bill Peters.

M.A.R.I. was created with special goals in mind:

  1. Bullet  Train students and volunteers

  1. Bullet  Promote archaeological inquiry, public understanding and awareness of past lifeways

  1. Bullet  To preserve and protect our cultural heritage

Contact Info


5905 El Mio Drive

Los Angeles, California 90042

(213) 309-8854

M.A.R.I. does not discriminate based on race, creed, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.

It is our practice to promote archaeological inquiry, public understanding, and awareness of the study of past cultures and life ways of the Desert Southwest.

It is our hope that students and volunteers will assist us in making significant contributions to investigations through field and laboratory methods in a hands-on and educational setting.

All proceeds and donations are used for site upkeep, the development of educational exhibits, and field supplies and equipment only. MARI is a non-profit organization.

We look forward to working with the collections and building exhibits to help preserve and protect our cultural heritage.

M.A.R.I. Board of Directors:

  1. Bullet   Paige Peyton, PhD, RPA, Chairman

  1. Bullet  Mari Pritchard Parker, MS, RPA, President

  1. Bullet  Heather Puckett, PhD, RPA, Vice President

  1. Bullet  Valerie Parker, BA, Secretary, Treasurer

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